Victory, sweet victory

August 22, 2012

Woohoo! First satellite contact. Thank you, Allen (N5AFV). Sorry to be such a noob but… baby steps. I was so excited, I forgot to log the call until after the fact. Logging the satellite is a little different. I’ll get it.

Chris AK4KZ


Sometimes I can be dense

August 20, 2012

Got up on YouTube today to look for satellite videos. Surely there must be something to gleen there to help me. I was specifically looking into tuning. I’m not acquiring the satellites. I can hear that I’m   not making it up there. The most logical thing is tuning. But I have my super-cool sat radio that tunes the Rx and tx at the same time. What could go wrong?

After a little digging and a few rabbit trails, I’ve got it. Tune in your Rx and then tune your tx independently. Perfect. Hey.. wait.  They’re running LSB on the transmit! Whoa.. gosh that would take me way away from the right freq. Perfect can’t wait to try. Next couple of passes were beautiful. Still couldn’t hear me. Huh. Next pass 

Couple more passes… well let’s try the FM bird. Tuning around to find the signal. You know? The receive sounds funny. Wait! There’s no UHF antenna hooked up. What a dope! Now.. it WAS hooked up so that hasn’t been my problem all along. But today? Yeah. That’d do it.

Tomorrow’s another day and more passes.

– Chris / AK4KZ